Thursday, February 20, 2014

Only Awesome Things Can Happen To You When You're Always Grateful

I am thankful …

The laughters that I have cried-
For they always pour; can’t ever hide.

The tears that I allow-
For they always flow; free of sorrow.

The blessings that I have –
For they always cleanse; they came with love.

The sunshine that I hug –
For they always burst; they warm like fog.

The triumphs that I gain-
For they always scar; can’t ever feign.

The hurdles that I fought-
For they challenge; made me taut.

All these and more, I am grateful;
Somehow, the days made me half whole…

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Trouble App in the Palace (Fairy Tales Part III)

Fact: Snow White hates Apple.
Fact: Cinderella loves Pumpkins.
Fact: Snow White is a very competitive skank.
Fact: Cinderella is just one plain nasty psycho.


One lazy humid afternoon, in the purple-ish den of the White's palace, Snowee and friend Cindee are busy browsing Gadget Geek Mag. So yesterday I bought iPhone 9S and I'm like, gawd, is this cheap or what?

Snowee: [In complete shock] You bought iPhone 9S?!!! I just barely learned how to use the stalker app in my 4G and there's 9S already?

Cindee: Hello. Where have you been?

Snowee: Excuse me. I gotta call Dad!

Cindee: You can use my phone.

Snowee: No. Thank you. I have my own  phone.

Cindee: Fine.[Slightly raises her eyebrow at Snow's sudden change of demeanor, whispers to self] I am not sure I'm liking the way Snow glances over. It's like she's possessed. She's got this crazy psycho Linda Blair's eyes. Uh-oh. I have to go.

[Cindee tiptoes out of the door, but Snowee catches her.]

Snowee: Cindee! Where are you going? I thought we're hanging out?!!

Cindee: Home. I need to feed my pet dragons! Yay!

Snowee: Would you like to  join us for dinner tomorrow?

Cindee: Yeah. Sure. [Smiling creepily as she enjoys this monologue in her head: What the hell? One moment she was this close to murdering me for having an iPhone 10, which is really not my fault that her dad is such a miser. Now she's all about dinner dinner? Hmm...]

Snowee: [Smiles broadly inadvertently showing her purple-ish gums] Guess who's coming for dinner?

Cindee: [I know it. Something is off] Ehrmm... Prince Charles?

Snowee: Helloooo! He's engaged!

Cindee: Ehrrmm... President Obama?

Snowee: Helloooo!!! And talk about change the whole night?! Nope! Nope!

Cindee: Okay, tell me. Who?!

Snowee: Steve!

Cindee: Steve Perry?!!!

Snowee: Steve Perry who?

Cindee: Never mind. Steve who?

Snowee: [Stutters] know... th-th...the CEO of... you... know... the creator of you know... uhhhh-Apple...?

Cindee: [Laughs her booger out] Ho ho ho ho ! Steve Jobs! Girl, you gotta  be kidding me! All right. If you so require my presence tomorrow then I shall be here.

[Cindee glides gaily out of the scene.]

Snowee: [Furiously talks to herself, imitating Cindee's squeaky voice] If you so require my presence tomorrow. B*tch.  B*tch. B*tch. She didn't even flinch? She wasn't impressed at all? Who invites Steve over for a casual dinner? Doh?!! Who the b*tch she thinks she is?

Snowee stomps crazily out of the scene...

To be continued...

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This blog was created 3 years ago. First posted in Multiply. So much has happened since then. 

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

All I Really Need to Know I Learned While Growing Up

Live a balanced life - learn some 
and think some and draw and 
paint and sing and dance and 
play and work every day some.
~Robert Fulghum

In a few months from now I will be another year older... but wiser. So far,  here are some of the things I learned:

1. You can't please everyone.

Of course. You were NOT born to please anyone in the first place. Those things your parents said when you were young, like, you have to be nice and sweet when the relatives come over? Those are just for the sake of having good manners (so that parents wouldn't look bad). 

You don't really have to be nice all the time. You don't really have to agree with everyone. You are free to stand up and say NO or smack people on the head if they deserve it. 

Baby Denise has so much wisdom.
The only person you should please is your boss, who pays your salary. Not up to pleasing the boss? Leave. Find another job. Chances are, with the new job, you still need to please the new boss. Well, you can always leave again. And again. And again. Yeah. Keep doing that until you realize it's better to be your own boss. But then again when you're the boss, you have to please the clients...You see, it's a vicious cycle my friend.

2. Never expect anything in return.

You help. Good. Happy for you. Good karma and blessings to pour your way everyday. But expecting people to do the same and feeling disappointed if they don't? Really? It's that how you want it? Suck it up. You helped. Period. If they pay you back in return, good for them, good for you. If not, charge it to experience. At least, good karma and blessings will still pour your way everyday.

3. Regret always comes in the end. 

You done things. You decided to. No one forced you. And now you're regretting everything? Really? What for? Grow up. Suck it up. That's life. 

The choice was yours and yours alone. Did anyone point a .45 to your head? Chances are, you did those things because you want to. What's the whole point of pointing fingers, blaming others, regretting what could've been, should've been, would've been...?

4. Don't expect too much from people.    

This is like #2, but I want to make a point here, so listen. You are bound to disappoint yourself if you expect too much from others. People screw up. It's their nature. Our nature. We're humans. We're weak. We're not gods and goddesses from Mt. Olympus. (Hey, even gods are weak. Look at Zeus! He has kids with different mortals).

Get over it. Forgive. Forget. Move on.

5. Life is a stage and we're all actors.

Shakespeare forgot to mention that other than being actors, we're also the choreographer, director and scriptwriter of our lives. We don't like the script, we rewrite. We don't like the way things are going, we change plot. It's as simple as like that. You direct your life. Not other people. Stop the blame. Stop the hating. Sure, the next girl sitting beside you has a really bad hair. You can always switch seats or you can look the other way. You have choices. You can also push her out of the bus if you want.  Life is what we make it. It's all about making choices.

Aren't babies the luckiest creatures on earth? 
They don't know anything about choices...
Sigh. Why did we ever grow up and get old?