Monday, November 25, 2013

Catching Fire: The Mocking Games

Well, well, well... it seems that the whole world is talking about Catching Fire. Who wouldn't? Rolling stones says it's the best November opening. Saw the movie last Saturday with my folks. We all loved it! Sorta. Kinda. Just too long. 3 hours? You kiddin' me? My butt hurt for sitting there for that long, but seriously, it's worth it.

Love Katniss, her kakikayan, her Mocking Jay gown (now I know what I'm gonna be next year for our Halloween party!), and her braid! Love her love her! Just didn't like that she  had to kiss both boys. I mean, come on. Make up your mind! Who do you really wanna be with? Gale or Peeta? I like Gale! He's hot like his Thor brodah - Chris. Peeta reminds me of this geek from Alias before? Marshall? And he 's too short for Katniss I guess.

I also miss the fabulousness of Cinna. Not much exposure in this film. Worse, he died. Like hello! You don't kill Lenny Kravitz! He's the god of hotness! What were those people thinkin'? Why don't they kill the anchorman with his super shiny white teeth instead? Love him in the Devil Wears Prada, but not in this film. Something in his character is missing. I dunno. He sounds more interesting in the book. I guess, this is why books are always better than movies? I dunno. I think... except Twilight and Lord of the Rings. Cause really, the books were uber boring. But the movie versions are  way way exciting! Don't your dare judge or mock me!!!

Didn't like the game portion either. Really? Bring back the old old victors? And they are either senile or catatonic? Not an ounce of hotness or cuteness on any of them, not even that Finnick boy. He's so self-conscious, I couldn't tell whether he's smiling or showing off his nice set of teeth. Looks like he's mocking Katniss with his smile. I really dunno. I should given him more credits. It's just that, I love President Snow more.

Anyway, I'm already looking forward, eagerly, if I may say, to the last book. Wonder how long it's gonna be this time.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Typhoon Haiyan and Inflamed Eear Vessel

You all probably heard by now what happened to the provinces south of the Philippines. I have stopped reading the paper, watching the news, and following feeds in Twitter concerning those who have been devastated by Haiyan (named Yolanda locally).

My heart breaks every time I see posts in Facebook and Twitter asking friends to help find missing relatives. I couldn't imagine what would I do if I were in their shoes. The thought of not knowing how my family fared in such a calamity is already nerve-wracking. I thank God that we didn't have to go through that.

Help from all over the world is pouring in. Bless this generous people. I hope our government officials won't use those help for their own need. Hello! Don't you dare touch those money! Shame on you, bitches! You should be ashamed of yourselves. Makes me think that if I were Janet Napoles, I'll offer a plea bargain: I will donate 10 billion to the victims, provided I walk scot-free. But we all know she won't do that. She's just not  that smart. If she were smart, would she be caught?

Anyway, other than the disconcerting news about the wrath of Haiyan, my ear has been bothering me for some time that I decided to see the doctor yesterday. Apparently, that strange noise I am hearing is not the voices of the dark side, but an inflamed vessel in my right ear. This is also causing me to get dizzy now and then. I was hoping the doctor would tell me that I am having those symptoms of schizophrenia. I dunno really the connection, but according to the doctor it is what it is it is, so I believe her with my life.

Had to take meds again. I hate meds. But what can I do? I can't afford to get sick. Mum said I am lucky I am able to see a doctor and buy meds, unlike those people in the south who don't even have clean water to drink.

I am  going to stop whining now. Thank you for listening. 

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Dia de Muertos

Or Day of the Dead, All Hallows' Eve  or Halloween is one of the biggest holidays here in the Philippines (and in some parts of the globe). Other than Christmas Day, from October 31 to November 2, Filipinos prepare (a lot!) to honor their departed loved ones.

Our office had a little Halloween party last October 31st. I said little because it was not as extravagant as it was last  year. Considering the short span of time to prepare, HR peeps pulled it off. I volunteered to be one of the judges.When asked why I wanted to be a judge, I couldn't admit that I have already told everyone that I'm a judge and I've accepted bribes, right?

As always, the creativity of Truelogic members is amazing. Look at these photos!

Ops Night Shit - Plants Vs. Zombies theme. Had there been more time to prepare, I'm sure they would've done better.

Elmo is a friggin perve and here's the proof!

Ops Day Shift won second place. 

Even the OJTs had a lot of fun! 

The boss attempted a selfie with me. Looks like he loved the kitty cat ears Ciara lent us.

More photos in FJ's album.

I think people took a bunch  of photos during the party. Everywhere I go, there are groups taking photos. Never a shortage of photos. I am sure the Halloween party is just one excuse to take photos of themselves in fancy costumes. Just my theory. You can always prove me wrong.

The following day, we visited my daughter's grave. She passed away on All Hallow's Eve 16 years ago. Sucks huh? You left her all smiling and giggling that morning. Then  in the afternoon, you find yourself holding her tiny hand in the ICU while she drew her last breath.

They say time heals all wounds but this one is definitely not  healing at all. Never.

We brought her pretty flowers and had a picnic. The nieces and nephews ran around. There were so many people in the cemetery, with some even playing loud music, probably enticing the dead to wake up. 

It was all good. But Hallowen will always be a sad sad day for me no matter what...