Monday, May 12, 2008

The Mother Who Rocks the World

Mother may be a potential winner for the "Whiny of the Year" award; to me, she is the greatest woman I would ever love. 

I don't know any other being who would go through so much to make all of her 6 children live a better life. To this woman her own happiness comes last; her children's welfare is always the priority.

Mother and Rue
Happy Mother's Day Nanay! I miss you a lot...

Likewise, Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in the world, especially to my dearest pals, online and in real, old and new ones alike. You all know you rock as moms! Yay!

*This picture was taken during my son's 6th grade graduation day two years ago. I wasn't there to witness the occasion but obviously Nanay is more than enough to fill in my shoes.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Where Is Batman?!

If anyone is wondering where Batman is lurking around these days, well, speculate no more. I spied upon him the other night, disguised as an Ajossi (old grouchy Korean man) selling fruits and vegetables near the subway station.

Batman in Korea! Yay!

Apparently, his loyal servant, Alfred, that elitist of a butler, eloped with Catwoman, after having experienced a heavenly cat lap. Likewise, Gotham City had gone bankrupt; failed to pay electric bills thus forcing the mayor to shutdown the Batman floodlight.

All these issues made Batman a very very lonely person so he decided to abandon his Gotham mansion, sold his costume on e-bay, dismissed his quest for world peace, fighting all sorts of comical villains and enjoy living a pure unadulterated quiet fruity life in South Korea.