Thursday, November 19, 2015

The 5 Truths About The Awesome Jay

Jay P, my awesome-st writer who has been with us for three years and more left  the company effective yesterday to pursue another career path. We miss him tremendously today. Like it's not a regular work day without his awesome presence.

And why is Jay so awesome? What makes him awesome?

#1 He Is Mr. Congeniality of the Universe 

It doesn't matter whether you belong to Content Team or not. He's just that friendly, he hangs out with everybody, especially when one has food. 

#2 He Is The Ultimate Eye Candy

I once told the team that I  need to hire an eye candy to inspire me more. He volunteered himself. I was left with no other option. I was cornered.

#3 He Has Wits All Over the Wall

 Only Jay can come up with come back lines that would make you question your sanity. Yep, that's him.

#4 He's Cool As Cool Can Be

Despite being constantly picked on for his brain-damaging wit, Jay remains cool and awesome. And that's why we love him a lot.

#5 He Is Best Friends To Great Cooks

Have I already mentioned that he's best friends with anyone who has food to spare? He's tight with the great cooks in the office. He sure does know how to pick his allies.

Kidding aside, I will miss Jay.

He was a fresh grad when he joined the company. It was like I gave birth to his career. I am so proud of what he has become. He has the ambition, the drive and the right wit to get where he wanna be. I will always be honored to have worked with him.