Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Pinesol Syrup Anyone?

My room mate prepared pancakes for breakfast today but since I opt to have heavy breakfast, I ate rice with the leftover viands. I decided to bring one pancake to the class and thought of having it later on.

Came break period around 5pm, I put out the tupperware container where I kept the pancake then went to the ladies room to wash my hands. When I went back to the classroom, I saw four heads already devouring what was supposed to be my snack. I told them that I was really hungry but they seemed to ignore my comment and proceeded to tell me that the pancake was really yummy and if teacher could please bring more tomorrow? Arrgghhh!!!

I opened the windows and thought that I could easily shove the four of them out of it. But then again, I tried to regain my composure and evade the ugly scene already playing in my head. I think I saw the four of them flying out in the open space, as I giggle to death.

Too bad everything just happened within my lurid imagination. None of it could ever exist in reality. I heard that prisons here in Korea are really pretty bad. Wait, I am not sure if I will stay long in the prison for annihilating kids. Perhaps I would be electrocuted to death right away. Sad. I won't enjoy prison life anyway. I think.

Of course, I am going to bring more pancakes tomorrow. I am thinking of spraying Pinesol on it. I wonder if my students will notice the difference. Should I tell them that it's a homemade syrup? Or shall I cajole them into swallowing one big pancake in one gulp and watch them choke to death?

So much for the hysteria. It's just a pancake for crying out loud.

I will try not to eat tomorrow.