Saturday, February 05, 2005

A Little Something About Me

Born some summer years ago, The Wandering Deity is your classic example of a lady with multiple moods, mostly wandering moods, hence, the moniker.

After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education (with major in English), the Wandering Deity opted to join the dog eat dog race of the corporate world. For almost 12 years, she held various positions in the Human Resources, Publications, Training, Legal, and Administrative Management divisions of several multinational firms in Makati City, Philippines.

An adventurous kindred that she is, the monotonous life of corporate realm made her realize that she is missing some big challenges in life- a break actually. Thus, upon getting an invitation from a dear friend to teach in Korea, the Deity packed her bag, abandoned her desire to continue the climb to the corporate ladder and conquered Korea with gusto.

And boy oh boy, was it fun! The challenge of the academic life, the one thing that she has forsaken all these years hit her with such impact that on her first few months here in Korea, she could barely breathe to cope with the thrill of actually practicing what she had learned back in college.

But then again, despite the academic marathon, the nagging pursuit for something else persisted- the passion for beautiful things and everything nice. It's a great thing that Korea has such an abundant supply of boutiques and malls and markets where you can grab fabulous shrilly stuff in such discounted prices (only if you know how to haggle well).

The Deity, being a fashion enthusiast herself since time immemorial finds the Korea shopping experience essentially exhilarating, as such she was enticed to share such empiricism to fulfill another passion-writing.

As such, the Deity, from this day onward, will write just about anything under the sun that amuses her, not just about the latest vogue though, mind you.

As her quest for the authentic meaning of life and genuine leather earring is yet to be satiated, she will take time browsing all shopping corners around metro Korea and at the same time share pieces of rambling about anything: fashion to boys/girls; skincare to heartaches; beauty tips to dating; and just about the classic human confusions.