Friday, June 06, 2008

A Dieu Vous Commant...

Curtis W. Newman aka Chaos
28 January 1968 ~ 23 May 2008

Father, Lover, Best friend, Confidant, Poet, Painter, Artist, Writer, Harley Rider

Dearest friends and readers, the love of my life, Chaos, passed away two weeks ago unexpectedly... without warning... without a proper goodbye...

He was supposed to be here in Korea this end of the month and we were planning to tie the knot. I was excited to blog about the wedding already. Then... like a thief in the night, his life was taken abruptly, leaving me waddling in misery and grief for days and the days to come.

He always hated it that I kept moving blog sites. He wasn't most happy when I started blogspot. He came around anyway when I reactivated my multiply account. There, he was able to check on my entries regularly. He was extremely excited for me when I found in multiply some hobby groups where my work is appreciated and critiqued positively. He loved it that I grow on my own craft. He even helped me "redo" some of my multiply entries.

Ergo, much as I want to stay here, I would have to bid this account goodbye. Maybe temporarily, maybe for good. Who knows...

Be well people.

Don't forget to say "I love you" to those you care about everyday, for you may never know when they will leave you.