Saturday, November 24, 2007


Last Friday, I was getting ready for school when my burly neighbor decided to be nice and share with me a special soup. He said it is called Poshintang. I have heard of that soup before but never had one yet. And since I am used to McDo these days, a homemade meal sounded like manna from heaven. I thanked the good samaritan of a neighbor and went to consume the soup like it's my last meal on earth.

During the 5:30 class, the topic was about healthy food. I mentioned about the Poshintang soup. The class giggled like I just told them the funniest joke on earth. They asked what it tasted like. I told them that it's a pork soup, really spicy but very very delicious. They went nuts when I said that.

Their reaction totally puzzled me so I asked what was going on. One student told me that Poshintang is dog soup.


Much as I want to vomit right there and then, I tried to hold my poise and told the class that I really thought it was yummy. They just laughed in response.

I know... I know... for some people this Korean tradition may be a bit harsh. But to Koreans, Poshintang is a part of their culture -- a custom they have inherited from their forefathers. And who am I to say no to free meal? Besides, I have tried live baby octopus, silk worms and fried grasshopper before. I am not really disgusted anymore.


This afternoon, I saw the neighbor in the corridor and confronted him slyly about the dog soup that he fed me with unwillingly. He was like: You like it? Yummy? Want some more?

I ran back to my room before he hands me another bowl. No more soup from the neighbors from this day onward.

By the way, picture on the right is the whiny labrador who lives across the apartment. He keeps me up at nights. Oh, the total torture of hearing him howl and growl in the middle of the night. He totally threw his nose up in the air when he saw me taking that picture. One of these days, I am going to make a Poshintang out of him.

I swear.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's Bye Bye Miss CSI

When Sara Sidle was abducted by the Miniature Killer on the season 7 finale of CSI, speculations crawled on the CSI fanland that she's saying goodbye for good.

But she was rescued at the beginning of Season 8, and we (oh yes, already I feel the the kinship among these CSI die-hards) thought that Sara's staying for good. Yay!

However, when this article on EW came out, doubts were put to rest.

Jorja Fox, the actor portraying Sara on the coolest forensic show on earth revelead:
There are so many things I want to do! Some are personal. Some are professional. And I really need to do some of them before I get too old.... It's a really intense place to work. A lot of the stories [on the show] do end sadly and badly. That's been one of the things I've struggled with — the violence. I'm not saying I'll never do another violent [project], because I'm sure that I'll be back in that world someday, but it's really good for me to take a break from it.

Oh well, some people got to do what they have to do. Much as we want Sara to stay and be married to Grissom, I guess it's about time to just let her go and wish her luck.

I want to cry already.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

On Narcissism

I often wonder whether the Elite class enjoys hour long of nightly conference chat online to concoct an elaborate scheme of making my life horrible, or it's simply their current "mission-vision" thing-y.

Just when I would start thinking that everything is going on smoothly, that the students are tired of making my life hell-ish, these future rulers of South Korea always come up with something that would eventually give me panic attacks.

Me: (On Myths of Flowers)... When he saw his reflection in the water, he fell in love with it. He could not leave and he spent the rest of his life by the spring admiring his own reflection. Narcissus's body eventually turned into a flower...

Smart Ass 1: Teacher, is that true?

Me: No class, this is mythology. I explained earlier before we started reading this story. Do you remember?

SA 3: Teacher, my mommy always look in the mirror. Why she no change into flower?

Me: This is just mythology. A myth. It doesn't apply to common people like your mom.

SA 3: Teacher, my mother not common people!

Me: Whatever! Are there any questions? A real question perhaps?

SA 4: Teacher, teacher, my mommy also always look in the mirror. Many hours looking in the mirror... why not change to flower?

SAs: (All talking in English and Korean at the same time) Yeah, my mommy too. Always make up and spend many hours in the mirror. No change!

Me: (Already jaded knowing that this nonsense tete-a-tete could go on forever if I don't say something nice.) Alright guys. Do you really want your moms to turn into flowers?

SAs: Yes teacher! Me want mommy turn to flower! Yay!

Me: Next time you see your moms looking in the mirror, please tie her to a chair and make sure she looks at herself all day long. Stand by and watch if she turns into a flower. Then you let me know.

(Totally amused with myself upon saying this. I'm smarting already. I know that).

SA 1: Teacher, mommy will get angry!

SA 2: Yes teacher! Who cook food?!!

Me: (Hyperventilating) Then you go dine out! Ha ha ha!

SA 5: (The cruelest of 'em all) Teacher, I do that. I tie mom to the chair. If mom gets angry, I say teacher said. OK?

Me: (Talking to her imaginary friend) Is there a life in the outer space? Are aliens true? I wish they abduct me now.

Patience is a virtue I have to master.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

CSI Miami Crack

I am a CSI junkie. Oh yeah. Let the whole world know about it. I spent hours and hours online looking up for CSI (Las Vegas, Miami and NY) episodes that I missed. I have also acquired massive stiff neck, not to mention, ulcers, from taking the never-ending CSI quiz on Facebook, hoping to get that elusive "Certified Agent" title one day.

And one of my favorite CSI character is Horatio Caine, played by David Carusso. The guy's not a hunk (gawd, he's not even drop-dead gorgeous) but his signature sunglasses and one-liners never cease to amuse me.

Take a look.

Then just a few days ago, I saw an old episode of David Letterman with Jim Carrey as the main guest. Apparently Jim loves CSI Miami too.

Here's his take.

Now, that's a reason for you to start watching CSI Miami.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Till Fashion Do Us Apart...

Matching outfit is a trend here in Korea and I'm guessing anywhere in the world. Couples dressed alike are very amusing to look at, but sometimes it can get annoying to a point that I very much like to push both of them onto subway tracks.

Take a good look at this couple, one of the many twin-fashioned partners that I chase around in supermarkets (not to mention malls, museums, palaces and subway stations) during bored moments.

By the way, the Ajumma (old Korean woman) on the left side has nothing to do with the lovers.

Stripes must be just the season's in thing. Hmmmm...

The Deity's New Abode

Inspired by the heroic departure of StuperHeroine, I am likewise abandoning my blogspirit account and moving to this new home.

I am going to move all my blogspirit entries here as soon as I find enough time to do so.

I'll see you guys around.