Friday, October 26, 2007

Meet the First Graders

My boss told me to take some pictures of the first graders for the school's website. I asked the kids to sit still and pose nicely.

As soon as I said, "Cheese", they decided to do their thing-y.

The First Graders (2)

Boy in Blue: Here's your crown, Chuckie!
Girl in Black: I'll poke your eyes, you, you pretentious Princess!
Girl in Yellow: I can't pull her hair. It's braided.
Boy in Green: The toy looks nice on your head, Princess.
Girl in Green: Oh please people. I'm too pretty for you all.

The First Graders (3)

GIB: I'll pull your remaining teeth with teacher's pen!
BIB: Me so scared!
GIY: Gosh! I'm so hot!
GIG: This is boring...
BIG: I should be in the center! I'm the Princess!

The First Graders (4)

GIB: Die biatch!
GIP: Trust me sister, I eat pens for lunch!
BIB: I'm outta here! You people are freaks!
GIY: No close up please!
BIG: Come on, let's have a make-over.
GIG: I so totally don't need it.

Guess, the teacher's a bad influence huh?